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Posted on: July 13, 2010 12:58 pm

Favorite,Preferred,& Despised Teams- MLB edition

I’ve only given a general introduction of myself, but haven’t really given a sense of where my fan perspective is coming from.  So what I’m doing with this series is giving you an insight of how I view a particular sport through the teams I follow.  Since I started this blog after the MLB season began, I’ve waited until the All-Star Break to post this.

Favorite Team
Atlanta Braves-  The Braves weren’t always my favorite team, between the ages 3-9 I liked the Tigers (evidence a child-size Tiger’s shirt from circa 1984-5), the Giants (first year in summer baseball we wore their jerseys, so that became my favorite team for a while), and probably a few teams I can’t even remember.  Then came 1991, this was an important year not just was the first year of the Braves decade and a half long dominance but because that was the year I became “fully conscious” of the world of sports (which is an entirely different blog topic in and of itself).  Since I live near Chattanooga (TN) basically the Braves were the de facto ‘team of the South’ for people who had lived in the area their entire lives.  So as the local news showed Braves highlights and I was able to watch games on TBS, I quickly became a fan and wanted to know what was happening with the team.  It simply became ingrained in me to support the Braves and ever since I’ve been hooked on them.

Preferred Teams
Cleveland Indians- In what will be a running theme throughout this series, the Indians is my family’s “fall back” team for one reason: while I was born and lived near Chattanooga all my life, both my parents are from the Canton (OH) area.  The 1995 World Series was particularly interesting, though the consensus in our house was that the Braves would win because I looked like the Indians would be good for several years, sure enough in 1997 it looked like it was time for Indians to win their championship only for me to feel the heartbreak that people in Cleveland know all to well.

Los Angeles Dodgers- The Dodgers’ AA farm team are the Chattanooga Lookouts of the Southern League, so basically I’m helping my local minor league team added support by being interested in how their ‘parent’ club is doing.  Hopefully in the future, I can look on the Dodgers’ roster and say “He was on the Lookouts, he was too, and him” like I’m doing with players on Cincinnati’s roster from when the Lookouts were there AA club.

St. Louis Cardinals- The reason I prefer the Cardinals is because from the players on the field, to the man on the bench, and finally the front office whole organization seems to be it is one of the best run team in all of sports.

Despised Team
New York Yankees- It is said that the Yankees are one of those teams that you either love or hate, I am in the latter category.

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