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Posted on: October 26, 2010 10:47 am
Edited on: October 26, 2010 10:47 am

Favorite, Preferred, & Despised Teams- NHL

I’ve only given a general introduction of myself, but haven’t really given a sense of where my fan perspective is coming from.  So what I’m doing with this series is giving you an insight of how I view a particular sport through the teams I follow.  This is essentially a month overdue since the season is well underway and missed doing it last week during my vacation because I was sick, so here it finally is.

Favorite Team
Nashville Predators- I’m not going to deny I’m a homer with this selection because frankly the Predators play in the state of Tennessee and I’m going to give support for teams that play in my home state.  Besides that there’s also the fact that since their inception they have had only one head coach, Barry Trotz, who has been a steady hand that has molded an expansion team into a yearly playoff contending team.  The recent ownership questions and the fact that we have a low payroll are somewhat discouraging until one realizes that the Predators keep on finding ways to surprise everyone by being in the hunt late in the season.

Preferred Teams
Pittsburgh Penguins- Until the Predators came into existence this was my favorite team because when I first became “sports conscious” the Penguins were making their first run to the Stanley Cup and at the time that seemed the team to root for.  Ever since whenever I watch them on TV, I route for them except if their facing the Preds.  I’ll be honest when the team was having hard times and it was Mario who became an owner then did everything in his power to keep the Pens in Pittsburgh, it was nice to see and now they’re back among the top franchises in the league.

New Jersey Devils
- Well, it’s hard to explain how I came to like the Devils.  Basically it comes down to this, as a teenager and needing to be rebellious in a decidedly Christian community what better way then to wear gear that has a demon tail on it?  Besides that, the team was until recently been a constant contender in the Eastern Conference if not for the Stanley Cup.

Despised Teams
Detroit Red Wings- Well, since this team is always the team to beat in the Central Division and since the Predators have never finished above them, yeah I don’t like this team.  Even though I don’t like to, I give credit to the organization for always being consistent with talent and coaching to be as good as they are but still can’t they just have one off year every so the Preds can get a better playoff seed?

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