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Posted on: September 21, 2010 1:28 pm

Favorite, Preferred,& Despised Teams- NFL

I’ve only given a general introduction of myself, but haven’t really given a sense of where my fan perspective is coming from.  So what I’m doing with this series is giving you an insight of how I view a particular sport through the teams I follow.  With the NFL season already two weeks old, I figured that it was about time to post this.

Favorite Team
Tennessee Titans- When the Oilers moved to Tennessee in 1997, they instantly became my first option team because they were located in my home state.  While the first two seasons were both 8-8, they were some good moments to remember and that helped keep people interested.  Then came 1999 when the Oilers officially transformed into the Titans and the run to the Super Bowl officially made them my favorite team.  While there were some down times after the success of the early 00s, I’ve never thought about changing my allegiance.

Preferred Teams
Atlanta Falcons- Before 1997, the Falcons were my favorite team since basically they were directly south of Chattanooga via Interstate 75.  Of course being a Falcons’ fan, you learned pretty early that the franchise had a roller coaster history.  That roller coaster history was not having winning seasons for consecutive years, until last season, and long periods of just bad football.  However Arthur Blank has attempted to change that and while the Vick era seemed to promise that the Ryan era might accomplish a long string of success.  While the Falcons are my official back-up if the Titans are having a bad season, they are my team in the NFC.

Cleveland Browns
- In what will be a running theme throughout this series, the Browns is my family’s “fall back” team for one reason: while I was born and lived near Chattanooga all my life, both my parents are from the Canton (OH) area.  My sports consciousness didn’t exist in the 1980s, I was basically too young and wanted to play more than sit and stay still so basically I missed the heartbreaking experiences of the AFC Championship games against Denver.  Ironically enough one of my oldest memories happens to be of an old NBC start of the game graphic showing the Browns playing the Colts.  And the only NFL game I’ve ever attended was when the Browns played against the Falcons in the early 90s, my family when with a group of my mother’s teaching co-workers (plus families) who all happened to be transplants from upper Ohio as well.

Despised Teams
Dallas Cowboys- Like several other teams, you either like or hate the Cowboys.  I don’t care for them, never have.

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